Meet Our Team

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Derek Mayne

MD / Founder

Engineer turned entrepreneur, Derek Mayne has been trading FX since 2004 and  founded Cresco FX in 2011. Derek holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary where he was also an Adjunct Professor. Derek was born in Canada and have been working all over the world in countries as different as Kazakhstan, UK and Malta. In the beginning of his career, he worked as an engineer in oil and gas as offshore production in Canada and Kazakhstan. He is an avid sportsman, with recent sporting endeavours including becoming a member of the Crackpots of the Grand Colombier, high altitude expeditions to Nepal, Ironman Triathlons and Marathons. Derek is also an avid wine collector and owns a winery in Southern California.

Irina Chadaeva Arntvel

Chief Operating Officer

Irina is an experienced professional in the financial markets that has been in the trading Industry for the past 12 years. Her international trading and FX experience includes senior positions in Saxo Bank, ADS Securities and JP Funds Services. She has been working in Russia, Denmark and UK. Irina speaks various languages and holds a Master Degree in International Business and National Economy from the Copenhagen Business School.
Outside of work she loves to travel.

Franciska Hehr

Head of Compliance

Franciska Hehr is an experienced professional in the financial markets that has been working in the Forex Trading industry for the last 6 years. She holds a Diploma in Management, a Diploma in Financial Services and Compliance Services and ACI Operations Certificate.

Outside of work Franciska is an active sports woman and her interests include Kick Boxing, Triathlon and Trail Running.

Atanas Matov

Head of Sales

Atanas started his career as a proprietary trader in one of the leading prop trading houses in London- Richmond Capital Markets.
Since then, he has held various positions in other prop trading companies and also some of the leading broker houses in London. Before joining CrescoFX, he held a senior role in ADS Securities’s sales desk.

Atanas is an avid reader. Among the other things he loves are travelling, chess, running and spicy tacos.